After 13 years of business, Seiren Salon will close on December 31, 2015. Please find below the direct contact information for your preferred stylist. We will each be happy to service you at our new locations.
Thank you to all of our clients for the years of patronage, it has been a pleasure to serve you!

Stephanie Lisi - Former Owner
Contact Info: 401-640-1295

Nora Castrignano
Contact Info: 401-473-5335

Stephanie Burbridge
Contact Info: 401-578-5280

Eduardo Marques
Contact Info: 401-854-8927

Shannon Raymond
Contact Info: 401-359-4211

Kris Ranieri
Contact info: 401-323-9180

Alex Richard
Contact Info: 401-649-3152

Iris Guzman
Contact Info: 401-632-1465

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